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Her Vision


A congress focused on common ground for the common good.


A government that is truly "of the people, by the people, and for the people."


A legislative process that every day citizens can follow and understand.

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her Experience

Parallel Lines

Naomi's professional background is in business development, communication, marketing, and sales, with a focus on making complex information easy to understand and act upon. 

In school, she studied communication and psychology and was a nationally recognized speaker winning more than 150 awards speaking out for education, mental healthcare, and a living wage. 


Business Development

Simply put, Naomi makes sure the way a company does something, helps them achieve its goal. 

If it's not working, she helps them figure out why, and how to solve it. 


Even the best idea will fail if people don't think it will work and never even try it. 

Naomi doesn't just have ideas that help people, she has the knowledge and passion to get them excited to try it. 


Naomi believes in the value of clear communication to help organizations and people reach their goals. 

She helps people leave the jargon behind and move forward. 


Naomi has managed the accounts of some of the biggest manufacturers and retailers in the world. 


She has hands-on experience in developing creative solutions for supply chain problems. 

“Any job worth doing is worth doing well. But to be able to do that, you have to do it over and over again.”

Thomas Keller

Her Story

Naomi's story is one of survival. Of rising to each new challenge and overcoming all odds, time and time again.

She spent the first days of her life defying the opinions of the doctors who said she would not make it to adulthood. She overcame two more near-death experiences, being brutally attacked by a Doberman, and nearly drowning. All by the age of 5.

She's risen above poverty, traumatic violence, and even homelessness, all while exuding positivity and encouragement to those fighting the same fights. Her spirit and will to survive have always carried her through, no matter how difficult the circumstances.

She attributes this to the values her grandparents and family instilled in her as a young child. Respect for others, respect for self, humility, hard work, and stick-to-itiveness.


These are the same values that helped her Brooklyn-based grandpa Jack's family survive losing everything in the Depression. And the same values her grandma Ruby used to survive being born in a tent with a dirt floor in Rush Springs, OK. And to one day survive both the Depression and Dust Bowl while growing up in Chickasha.

Both Ruby and Jack believed in duty to country and signed up to honorably serve this great nation during World War II. Ruby drove convoys in the Women's Army Corp, and Jack served as First Engineer in the Merchant Marines. 


After WWII they had a family farm. Ruby ran the homestead and had two children, while Jack went to work. He worked at OG&E and helped install the first gas-powered turbine. Later he would work at Dow Chemical as a boilermaker and welder-- until Uncle Sam came calling again.

Jack once again set sail to deliver American troops and supplies half a world away. He survived attacks from hundreds of enemy planes in Okinawa and nearly 140 enemy actions taken against Merchant Marines during Vietnam. By the end of his service, he had faced combat in the Atlantic war zone, the Mediterranean-Middle East war zone, and the Pacific war zone.

Ruby would go on to work at the University of Oklahoma for over 20 years, providing homecooked meals and a listening ear to students missing their own mothers and grandmothers. 

Once back home Jack did a little farming, raised some livestock, and repaired just about anything that needed fixing, in his various workshops. Naomi was never too far away.


He used that time to teach Naomi about the things he had seen while sailing the world. He taught her about the blessings of freedom, the joys of peace, and a respect for other cultures. Most importantly, he taught her about the folly of arrogance, the sorrows of violence, and the devastating consequences of hate. 


Jack and Ruby lived their lives with honesty and authenticity. Their word was their bond and their love and guidance served as the foundation upon which Naomi's character was built. Their grit and compassion molded her into a humanitarian, a champion of underdogs everywhere, and a bold advocate for all in need. 

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She has four children she loves with a ferocity that is only eclipsed by the amount of awe they inspire within her. She delights in watching them grow and become amazing humans who follow their own passions.

Naomi grew up in Beggs, in Okmulgee county, on the never disestablished reservation of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation. She looks forward to the honor of protecting your rights, and the rights of everyone in Oklahoma's 2nd congressional district at our nation's capitol. She committed to doing it with the same passion, tenacity, and stick-to-itiveness that has helped her overcome every challenge that has dared to cross her path.