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America is at a crossroads. We can either continue on the path we're on now, where our children are doomed to struggle just to make ends meet and where corporate overlords buy our politicians, or we can elect someone who will fight for the people of this state.

Clean water shouldn't be political. Our health, land, and way of life depend on our access to it.

Minimum wage should be a living wage. Oklahomans work too hard to struggle so much. 

Honor the treaties. Respect tribal sovereignty. Federally recognize all tribes who desire recognition.  

The best way to honor our troops and veterans is to take care of them. Their access to healthcare should NEVER be a bargaining chip.

Get Dark Money out of politics. Oklahomans are tired of corporate overlords buying our politicians. 

We must bring jobs back to America. Our supply chain is crumbling under our dependence on foreign goods and services. 

True freedom and human dignity are intertwined. Each American should have the final say in what happens to their own body. 

Healthcare is a right. No person should die because they can't afford a doctor or their medication. 

The public trust is sacred. Those granted authority by the consent of the governed, must be held to the highest standards and must be accountable for actions that harm the common good. 


Public school quality should be consistent. A child in rural Oklahoma should receive the same quality of education with the same access to resources as a child in suburban Connecticut or anywhere else in this nation. 

College and trade schools should be available to all. We can't compete in a global economy if our citizens can't afford to continue learning after high school. 


Speak softly and carry a big stick. We should use both diplomacy and force wisely.


Protect our senior citizens. Social Security benefits have lost 40% of their value since 2000, expand the minimum benefit to never fall below the poverty line. 

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