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Clean water shouldn't be political

We need to protect our water for the future, but the way to do it isn't by politicizing it.

Lack of clean water is affecting our health and economy.

Clean drinking water is a basic human right but each year an estimated 7.15 million illnesses and 6,630 deaths occur in the U.S. and cost our healthcare system over $3.33 billion. But it's not just humans who need water.

Our farms and ranches depend on water.

If we don't have clean water, crops don't grow, and animals die. The people and communities who depend on farming and ranching for their livelihood will be among those who suffer the most.

Clean water is running out.

This is not a matter of debate. Our planet's supply of clean water has been dwindling for decades and will continue to do so unless we make some changes now.

According to a recent study funded by the U.S. Forest Service, "up to 96 of the 204 water basins that provide fresh water to Americans are projected to have monthly shortages by 2071."

We need to protect our water supply for the future.

Water is a common good, not a political issue. This means we must protect it not just for ourselves, but for future generations.

Our current use of fresh water contributes to the depletion of aquifers, lakes, rivers, and streams. Outdated infrastructure, especially in rural communities, is contaminating water through the build-up of biofilms in the pipes. We must focus on both conservation and technology if we are to succeed in protecting our water.

How is the water in your community? Let me know!

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