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Deadly heat is killing our crops, livestock, and bank accounts

Imagine the most intense heat you've ever felt.

Now imagine that it lasts for weeks on end, with no relief in sight.

That's what Oklahoma has been experiencing for a while now—and it's taking a serious toll on our farms and families.

The Rain isn't falling and the pastures aren't growing

Farmers are struggling to feed livestock, plant wheat, and harvest hay. They're sounding the alarms that there isn't enough pasture to feed livestock and they expect to see hay shortages this winter. Not to mention the heat is threatening to wipe out crops like corn.

Utility monopolies are taking advantage of record-breaking heat and hitting consumers in the wallet.

It's not just the farmers who are feeling the heat—it's also our wallets. Utility companies have been taking advantage of record-breaking temps to jack up prices on consumers while failing to improve the grid AND RAKING IN RECORD PROFITS. This is especially hard on our seniors who live on fixed incomes or those who may be unable to afford air conditioning during this unprecedented heat wave.

I will fight for policies to help us fight the heat and corporate exploitation.

As we look to the future, it's clear that Oklahoma is going to face more and more serious heat waves. We're going to have to find new ways of dealing with high temperatures and prepare ourselves for their devastating effects. But in the meantime, I will fight for policies to help us fight the heat and corporate exploitation.

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